Our Services

licensed tree service contractor in Paterson, NJWe are an experienced, reliable, and licensed tree service contractor in Paterson, NJ. With decades of tree services, we have gained herculean expertise in every tree care or tree service we provide to our customers. Our only objective is to keep your trees healthy and look great!

We offer an array of tree services, including tree removals, tree pruning, tree clearing, tree spraying, emergency tree care and removals, tree trimming, lot clearing, stumps grinding, crowning, fall feedings, tree structuring and shaping, tree cure, and whatnot.

With our professional tree services, we can assure you of solving any of your tree problems and ultimately give your property an esthetic look and feel.

Our pride is our returning customers! They return to us for year-round tree care services. Listen to what our customers say about us >>>

Here is a brief of our tree services:

–        Emergency Tree Removal: Save your trees from storm or snow damages. Emergency tree removal helps both homeowners and commercial properties in terms of the post-storm effect. We service anytime, anywhere in and around Paterson, NJ.

–        Tree Trimming and Cutting: Trimming of overgrown branches and limbs of a tree helps increase the sunshine and moisture entering into the property. As an added advantage, the property value increases with the grooming of trees.

–        Tree Pruning: Dying leaves and branches of a tree is not a good sign to the tree and the property. When unhealthy branches aren’t pruned or cut, the tree dies over time and may fall off unexpectedly. To protect your property, vehicles, and other places from tree-falling and save the tree, it is essential to prune from time to time.

–        Stump Grinding and Removal: Stumps are always pestering. Either grind them or remove them from your garden. For God’s sake, please do not give yourself a try on stump grinding. You need professional tree service contractors with sophisticated grinding equipment to do this job.

–        Tree Care: Trust us; we are among the best and kindest tree doctors in the market. We take care of your trees with sensitivity and kindness. Our tree services extend from watering suggestions to root crown analysis. Yes, from top to bottom, we inspect, analyze, and give solutions to your tree problems.

–        Crane Services: Who in the Paterson region has a fleet of cranes used for multiple purposes? We have one such extraordinary fleet of cranes. From carrying small to big trees, from lifting to transportation, we provide excellent crane services. No more wait for sluggish crane service providers. We’re always on time!